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The following is an update on the talks presented at the 4th Annual International Rife Conference held in early October in Edmonton, Canada. (updated 11/12/00) Speakers talks: Summaries are my understanding of their talk, and have not necessarily been approved by the speakers (more information to come!)


Dr. Bare discussed methods of doing research using almost any Rife-related machine, and noted that he has seen paramecium deactivate at higher multiples of frequencies that what he had earlier used, which supports the work Charlene Boehm is doing (basing frequencies on DNA data - which also suggests that higher harmonics may need less exposure time than lower harmonics.) He also noted that he's working with various types of devices to create an electrical field across a subject, and that field (and/or electroporation) does seem to work. He stressed that we need to be developing a reproducable set of protocols that anybody can use to provide more and more respectibility for frequency therapies. See http://www.rt66.com/~rifetech/


Don Tunney gave a short description on the use of the RB machine for Batyah Elizabeth, assisting in her remission from cancer, and the side effects use of the machine may have, and the importance of having competent medical assistance if one is planning on using this type of device. He also stressed the importance of the nutritional system and blood chemistry (which we heard about several times this weekend!) during treatment for illness. Don also pointed out the evidence that microorganisms mutate, requiring the use of differing (or offset) frequencies. He described the new machines his firm is coming out with, and protocols which had been developed to assist people with illnesses. See http://www.rifetechnology.com


Dr. Carl Taylor, M.D. (and a chemical engineer) described how his wife Elizabeth was diagnosed with pancratic cancer and liver or kidney cancer several years ago, and given a month to live. Following blood chemistry and nutritional work, she has completely recovered. He described the damage that alcohol, caffine and other common "foods" do to the immune system, as well as the importance of a neutral 7.4 pH level of the blood. Dr. Taylor gave a similar talk after the regular sessions last year, and was requested back by many. His talk has been the single most-requested tape from 1999.


Glen Curd again gave an exceptionally interesting talk describing his clinic in New Zealand, which includes not only blood chemistry and nutritional work, but an oxygen chamber as well as several Rife-Bare machines and other diagnostic equipment. Glen ran a tape which had been run on television in New Zealand, describing the treatment of a lady with a large thyroid tumor who decided to go with alternative treatment. Apparently the laws in New Zealand have been changed so that a person may now seek whatever form of treatment they want.


Stanley Truman gave a live demonstration of his web site, where many of the original documents on Royal R. Rife may be found. See http://www.rife.org/


Lynn Kenny showed videotape of news releases which he is sending out across the US in the months to come (some have already been run in Florida and the Carolinas) which gave the short story of a lady with terminal cancer which has since gone into remission using Lynn's machine. Lynn also proposed the open sharing of information on the use of the Rife technology, and introduced "Chat Rooms" or "Chat Houses", which are homes or rooms around the country where people may come and use his Bio-Ray machines at their discretion.


Dr. Henry Lai, Ph.D., Research Professor of BioEngineering at the University of Washington in Seattle, gave a talk on the use of magnetic fields in treatment for malaria, and how it had been determined that malaria parasites are sightly magnetic - and methods which may promote treatment for malaria by using alternating magnetic fields. Dr. Lai also talked about the possible use of magnetic fields for the treatment of cancer.


Dr. Richard Loyd, Ph.D. described blood chemistry in the treatment of illness, including cancer, and the importance of a neutral pH of the blood, as well as describing several supplements and food groups which assisted in increasing the body's immune system. Also described were a grape leaf extract and a lilac seed extract, which some had found to be effective against skin cancer. See http://www.royalrife.com/


Jason Ringas gave a talk on the history of electromedicine, with examples of both brilliant scientists and charlatans. He pointed out that there is no question that the therapeutic use of electricity can produce positive results, but that the question is whether people will use electricity in a manner that will result in success. He also gave an introduction to the work of Royal Rife, with a brief explanation of how his microscope worked and was able to achieve resolution superior to conventional instruments. He emphasized that the theoretical limits of resolution do not universally apply, but that they only apply to the types of instruments that were used to establish those theories. He showed that the Rife microscope bypassed the theoretical limits by new and ingenious methods that were never before or since used.



Deanna Burgess gave a presentation on live and dried blood analysis, and showed samples of blood from patients with various illnesses. She also demonstrated both brightfield and darkfield microscope illumination, and expressed her concerns that people might not be purchasing microscopes which were sufficiently adaptable for darkfield microscopy.


Dr. Andrew Sereda, M.D. gave a talk which described many of the various books which dealt with illness, healing and philosophy.


Colleen Van Vleck gave a description of the Chat House she has setup near her home, and how people are free to come use it whenever their schedules permit.


Dave Felt described the modulation of the Rife-Bare plasma tube, and displayed spectrum analyzer photos of the RB machine in operation. See http://www.dfe.net

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