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SA-02 Squaring Amplifier

DFE Research announces the all-new SA-02 Squaring Amplifier for amplifying the output of a sound card, iPod, CD player, etc, to to a constant level of zero to five volts.  An input of a half of a volt (500 millivolts rms, 1 volt is better) is plenty to provide a 5 volt square wave output from a sine wave or square wave input signal from a laptop. Frequency response exceeds 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz, and the output is pre-set to provide a zero to plus 5 volts signal with plenty of drive to run the input of most EMEM devices using darlington power transistors. The SA-02 features a FAST output rise time of 70 nanoseconds. Power is supplied by a standard 9-volt alkaline battery or by an optional 120 VAC to 9 VDC adapter.  Supplied with the SA-02 are one 9v alkaline battery, two 3' stereo 3.5mm (1/8") cables, and an instruction sheet. Note that only the left (or mono) channel is used. The SA-02 has a 2.1mm x 5.5mm input jack for external 9VDC, center positive.  Standard sound cards all have 3.5mm (1/8") stereo connectors.  Note: Some users may need the accessory 3.5mm to BNC cable listed below.

Measuring about 4" x 2.5" x .8" in size, the 9v battery makes up most of the weight of the SA-02 Amplifier! 

Almost in stock, a problem with our supplier .. Check back next week !

Get yours today!  Only $145 plus $15 postage in the US and Canada.  Shipping to countries other than USA, Australia, Canada and Europe and the UK, inquire before ordering.  Made in the USA!   Shipping outside the US is by Global Express Mail insured. Sales tax added for California Sales.  Note that if used with a Bare-Rife type plasma lamp device, the optional internal RFI shielding is Highly recommended, as is the BRA-1 Attenuator Unit below (the 5 volt signal from the SA-02 is much too high for the input of most Bare-Rife devices.)

ALSO, Please send me an email ( to feltdd at verizon.net ) to make sure I receive notification of the order. PayPal has been having problems!

<= SA-02 Amplifier, US and Canada, $145 plus $15 shipping & handling
<= SA-02 Amplifier, Europe and Australia, $145 plus $45 Express insured shipping and handling

<= SA-02 Amplifier with AC Adapter, US and Canada only, $145 plus $15 shipping & handling

Cables and Accessories
3.5mm to BNC 3' cable $20.00 postage paid in the USA
3.5mm to BNC 6' cable $25.00 postage paid in the USA
3.5mm to BNC 12' cable $ 30.00 postage paid in the USA

Use the above cables for converting 3.5mm (1/8") output from PC Soundcard or from the SA-02 to a BNC for plugging into many EMEM and similar units. Not for use with Bare-Rife machines.

Make an additional payment, combination order, or donation to DFE Research (With our thanks!)

<= SA-02-RF Radio Frequency Shielding for the SA-02; must be installed at the factory. $25

BRA-1 Attenuator

 BRA-1  Attenuator Unit

BRA-1 Attenuator

This is an attenuator device for use between an SA-02 Squaring Amplifier and the Bare-Rife device. Since the SA-02 outputs a zero to five volt signal (which is way too high an amplitude for the input of most Bare-Rife equipment,) this unit features fixed outputs from 15 millivolts to 200 millivolts plus an adjustible output from zero to 2 volts.  Comes with a separate 3.5 mm to 3.5mm male to male cable.

<= BRA-1 Attenuator Unit for use with Bare-Rife Machines. $ 100 plus $15 shipping USA and Canada only

SA-01 Squaring Amplifier (circuit board)


DFE Research is pleased to offer the SA-01 Squaring Amplifier circuit board. A small circuit board 2" wide by 2 1/2" long, features 3.5mm connectors for signal input and output, optional input/output cables, a connector for a 9v battery, and an on-board power switch. The SA-01 is a medium-gain amplifier similar to the above, but without the automatic gain controlled amplifier. Input signals from 350 millivolts RMS (sound cards, iPod, CD Players, etc) are sufficient to provide a very fast 70ns rise time square wave output of zero to five volts, sufficient to drive most EMEM devices, etc. (Zero to ten volts output is available upon request using an external 12 volt power source).  Unless specified, boards will be shipped with a zero to plus five volt output, with 3.5mm stereo input and output jacks (only the left or mono channel is used) and with a 6" 9v battery cable/connector. NOT IN STOCK

Price $ 110 plus $ 5 shipping anywhere in the USA. Sales tax added for California customers, shipping charges to other countries higher.


Buy Now using PayPal. SA-01 Circuit Board. $ 110 plus $ 8 USA shipping.


Buy Now using PayPal. SA-01c Circuit Board with 36" cables with 3.5mm plugs. $ 120 plus $ 8 USA shipping.


Buy Now using PayPal. SA-01c12 Circuit Board with 36" cables with 3.5mm plugs. 12" cable and plug for external 12 volt power source (not supplied.) OUTPUT zero to +10 volts. $ 130 plus $ 8 USA shipping.

Other options available (type of cable, different input or output cable etc, contact us for available options!




This is a small potted box with Banana Jack inputs for testing the High Voltage output of EMEM devices. In use, one plugs the two high voltage cables into the Divider Box (one side MUST be Ground or electrical common), and then the output BNC cable plugs into the input to an oscilloscope. The unit is calibrated for 10,000 volts in equals 1 volt out. Due to the transient High Voltage nature of ignition coils, this is for oscilloscope use only. Supplied: two 3' 40KV high voltage cables (Banana Plug to Alligator Clip); one 3' BNC to BNC cable. Also available, BNC to BNC-Banana Plug adapter for oscilloscopes having standard Banana Jack inputs.

Note that the common of the plasma tube connected to MUST be common with the frame or common of the oscilloscope used. Misuse can result in permanent and EXPENSIVE damage of the oscilloscope used. We do not assume any liability for misuse.

NOTE that these units are not currently in stock.

Buy Now using Paypal (USA Only) $ 175 plus $10 shipping.

Buy Now using Paypal (USA Only) $ 185 plus $10 shipping - BNC CABLE HAS BNC-BANANA Adapter for scopes having a Banana Jack input.

A different model is in design which will allow the divider to be used with EMEM systems which do NOT have one side of the lamp tied to common, and which have outputs as high as 50KV or more. We expect that device to be available for approximately $ 550 plus $ 15 shipping. USA and Canada sales ONLY.

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