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Colors of Life Overview

Life on earth depends on energy frequencies from the Sun. Both too little, or too much, of the Sun's energies (frequencies) can and will completely change life as we know it. Because many of us spend most of our days indoors under artificial light, in a work and socially pressured environment, our bodies are often subtly out of tune or out of balance. When out of balance for too long, such states are eventually classified as symptoms, illnesses, or diseases.

To keep in balance or stay healthy, we learn to eat more, or differently, or less; take supplements or medications; exercise or go for surgery; or, when it all seems just "too much", we simply put up with not feeling quite "in balance".

Thanks to 120 years of research, there are now other ways to get back into balance: Exposure to and absorption of the energies and frequencies of the Sun's Light through easy to use Colors of Life Tune-Up Tools.




The primary way to get energy into our bodies is by digesting food. That's why it's so important to eat the best, freshest, nutrient-filled and enzyme-active foods every meal, every day.

Drink distilled water infused with the color frequencies suggested as balancers, and feel how quickly you notice the difference!


We also "sort of know" that we take in energy frequencies through our skin. Who has not heard of skin care? We are constantly caring for our skin - washing hands, taking showers or baths to keep our skin clean, using skin creams of all kinds to relieve sore muscles, sooth dry or itchy skin, and get rid of infections.

Shine color frequencies on your skin while you rest for an hour - on the couch, in bed, in your favorite chair. A slow, relaxing process with effects continuing to occur long after you've moved on to other things.


Yet we've not been really aware that we take in energy frequencies through the eyes. We think of our vision as a source of information, but we aren't really aware that we also take in health-giving (or not) frequencies through our eyes: Why else do we have sunglasses with UV protections? Why else are there so many different kinds of light bulbs available? Why so much research into car headlights? Why so many cautions about laser light and the eye? The eyes are both energy frequency and information "windows" which trigger so many of our body's physical functions (think sight of sudden danger, immediate adrenalin response, and our movement to flight or fight).

Look through a vision filter and feel an almost instant shift. Some you wear for a few moments, others for maybe 10 minutes, depending on how much your system wants.



Over the last 120 years, ongoing investigations by dedicated individuals have found between 12 and 18 color light frequency ranges which have been found to reverse many adverse physical conditions. Careful documentation of research over the last 90 years has identified 333 "illness" and "disease" symptomologies which may be minimized and the body return to beneficial balance using the 12 main colors. The other colors are "betweeners", being about halfway between 2 other colors, and may be useful for only specific cases.

The colors listed here have each been found to have specific, consistent and verifiable effects on the body's systems when properly used according to the timing and protocols developed over the last 90 years.

90 years of research indicate that Optimum Results from using these color frequencies depends, of course, on the

Selection of Color

Type of Application (external skin, internal tissue, eyes)

Time of Day of Exposure

Duration of Exposure

The main colors, with highly condensed usages are:

 Scarlet  General systemic stimulant
Red  Builds bone & blood
 Orange Supports nerves, lungs; helps cramps; helps build bone
 Yellow  Improves immune system
 Lemon  Tones digestion, increases nutrition
 Green  Improves circulation, muscle tissue
 Turquoise  Supports good Nutrition, Rebuilds burned skin,
 Blue  Relieves itching, reduces fevers
 Indigo  Tones cell walls, stops bleeding
 Violet  Supports Spleen, the ruler of the immune system
 Purple Balances Heart and Lung blood pressure
Magenta Balances emotions, energy
 Pink Quickly soothes muscles, skin, too much creates irritability and tension

An overview of the results of over 90 years of research, resulting in documentation of 333 usages of these colors, is found in the most recent version of the book "Let There Be Light" by Darius Dinshah, Dinshah Health Society, P.O. Box 707, Malaga, NJ 08328, USA.


Colors of Life

Tune-Up Tool Kits

Colors of Life has developed four (4) simple, easy to use and inexpensive "Tune-Up Tools" for the individual seeking low cost ways of exploration and adventure in keeping, or regaining, a healthy balance.

   Solarizing Filters

Wrap these filters around a glass jar filled with distilled water, set in sunlight or under an incandescent lamp for at least an hour, and drink. An easy way to give yourself a balancing boost while on the go.

A brief guide to color usage is included with each set.

     Lamp Filter Kit

Mix and match the 10 separate filters per directions to create the desired color. Insert the selected filters between the mounting rims, position the velcro tabs on the lamp's edges, mount the filters to velcro and direct the colored light to specific areas of bare skin while you rest. An easy way to "tune" yourself "up".

A brief guide to color usage is included with each set of filters.



Use with mini flashlights to direct specific color frequencies along the body's energy meridians or on any acupuncture point for a quick energy boost.

A brief guide to color usage is included with each set of filters.

     Vision Filters

 Made to order, these "ganzfeld" vision filters fit closely around the eyes to provide an almost 100% pure color light source for fastest frequency intake. Using Magenta as an example, 30 seconds to 10 minutes may be all that is needed to reduce emotional stress.

A brief guide to color usage is included with each set of lenses.



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