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~ ~ ~ Greater Los Angeles Area Mensa Testing Information ~ ~ ~

Testing Coordinator Desiree Elliott, email dezlaw-at-aol.com - Phone 626-329-3979  (replace the -at- with @), Subject: Mensa Exam, your name

~ ~ ~ updated on January 26th, 2020 ~ ~ ~

NEXT TESTING: Pasadena, Saturday February 15, 9 am, at the Regional Gathering in Long Beach (email me)

Thanks for your interest in Mensa !

Any given Mensa Exam may be taken only ONCE. Two different tests are offered. Please READ this whole page.

We ask that Cell Phones be turned off during the test.

IMPORTANT, Our regular test sessions are usually on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 11 AM in room 115 at Beckman Institute, Caltech, in Pasadena. The Culture Fair exam is given several times a year, see below, and request it when you register!

Registration: Please just send your FirstName LastName AGE TodaysDate MonthofTest (example 011919am) yourPhoneNumber yourEmail and occupation as one line; send to Dezlaw-at-aol.com and I'll respond in a day or two... NO COMMAS or parentheses or / please, AND, indicate which testing session you'd like (when there are two test sessions that day)....

Pasadena, Saturday February 15, 9 am, at the Regional Gathering in Long Beach (email me)

Pasadena, Saturday March 21, 11 am, Standard Exam

Pasadena, Saturday April 18, 11 am, Standard Exam

Pasadena, Saturday May 16, 11 am, Standard Exam, 1:30 pm Culture Fair Exam

When you register, we will email a confirmation that you have a reservation as well as details on where the testing site or room is located. If your email provider does not allow us to send a confirmation or further information back to you (military), we need an email address (or a home phone number if you don't have email) that we can send your confirmation message to. (You may want to get a free email address at email.com or gmail from Google for things like this.)

(Note: Pre-Registration is now REQUIRED because we need to know how many tests to bring... If you get there a few minutes late, we have a short break about 15 minutes after starting, so you may still be able to get in on testing.)

Your email MUST have SUBJECT: Mensa Exam, or I may never see it.

Candidates 17 and under must have a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN WITH THEM to sign the authorization paperwork.  Minimum age for these exams is 14. For candidates under the age of 14, please check with your school district or phone books for psychologists who test youngsters.  

Note: Those who are blind, hearing impared, or needing additional time, etc., must be tested by licensed psychologists. Mensa test administrators are not allowed to provide testing for individuals needing assistance.

The Standard Mensa Entrance Exam is for those who have been raised in an English-speaking culture, and takes just over 100 minutes. The Culture-Fair Exam takes about 2 1/2 hours plus, and is especially for those who were not raised in an English-speaking anglo culture, but anybody may take it. Those with test anxiety may do better on the Culture-Fair exams. Mensa will administer one or the other exam to a candidate, but each individual Mensa Exam battery may only be taken once. Candidates will be notified in about two or three weeks by email if they qualified for Mensa or not. Candidates who do not qualify on one exam set may return for the other set of exams if they wish (additional payment.) Any individual supervised Mensa exam may qualify one for Mensa; you don't have to qualify on them all, and Mensa does not take off for incorrect answers!

Pre-Registration is HIGHLY recommended since we have to know how many tests to bring - use the above Online Registration Form, AND indicate which testing DATE and LOCATION you will be arriving for.  Plan on arriving at least 15 minutes before the time testing starts, since we'll be a bit busy getting everybody setup. If sessions fill up, I will either ask you to schedule another session or place you on a waiting list. When you arrive, please sign in on the attendance sheet, and select a seat. We will handle the Candidate Information and payment later as part of starting the exams; please bring a check made out to American Mensa in the amount of $60.00. Exact cash in bills are OK too, and yes, we do take credit cards and money orders. If you find that you can't make it to the exams, please send us a note, and if you'd like to be rescheduled for the following month, or dropped from the list for now.

~ ~ ~ TESTING LOCATIONS (Only Pasadena tests monthly)~ ~ ~

PASADENA: Caltech, Beckman Institute, Room 115, 400 S. Wilson Ave, Pasadena, access from Central Courtyard.

Proctor Desiree Elliot, email dezlaw-at-aol.com - Phone 626-329-3979

ELA: Proctor Dave Felt, email feltdd-at-verizon.net - Phone: 626-355-8825 (messages only) .

SFV: Proctor Douglas Aberg, email dougaberg-at-gmail.com -- phone 661-916-3015 (?)

WEST LA: Raulette Woods, 310-820-0529 (messages only) cell, mensa.westla-at-gmail.com (Most tests are at Caltech in Pasadena)

Ridgecrest (China Lake): Proctor Dr. Rachel Winston, 949-833-7706 - Alt: Gene Schneider, email gene.schneider.us -at- member.mensa.org -- phone 760-384-8532

DIRECTIONS to Testing Location:

Directions to Pasadena testing location: 360 South Wilson Ave, Rm 115, Beckman Institute, Pasadena, CA. Take either the 210 Fwy West or South to Pasadena, OR, the 134 Fwy East to Pasadena. Exit on Lake Avenue, turn South on Lake, past Colorado Blvd to Del Mar. Turn LEFT (East) on Del Mar to Wilson. Turn RIGHT (South) on Wilson, and perhaps four houses and buildings in, on the left, is the Beckman Institute building with the huge grass lawn. If coming North on the Harbor or Pasadena 110 Freeway, go to the end of the freeway, and continue on that street until you reach Del Mar. Turn right onto Del Mar, and continue east past Lake to Wilson, RIGHT on Wilson to Caltech. Free Parking anywhere around campus on weekends. Go to the Beckman Institute Courtyard, (Huge grass lawn on West side of bldg) and enter the South section of the building from the Courtyard South of the 57-sided fountain. I will have signs posted. The parking bldg, or on Wilson Ave are the best bet for FREE parking. See http://www.caltech.edu/map/ (We are in building 74 on the map..)

How do you get ready for the Mensa test? The Mensa Home Test, taken online, in a good way, also the Dr. Abbie Salny Mensa Quiz books, available at book stores, are excellent (Careful - there are some books by our British friends - measurements in pounds and the like.. Stay with the US measurement system for now ...)

Please - if you're not quite feeling "up to snuff" (sniffles, tired, coughing) DON'T COME, .. There will be another opportunity in the months to come ! (It affects your score negatively !!)

Please note that when these test sessions are full, we may send out a request for confirmation email several days before the exams. That confirmation from you is needed to actually reserve a seat. When we're not full, we will normally not request your RSVP.

Check back here for the times and the dates, since they may change. We are generally testing in Pasadena on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 11 AM, but schedules may change. San Fernando Valley and West LA don't have regular testing at this time....

Bring: Yourself, well rested and ready for the Mensa Entrance Exam (takes 1 3/4 hrs plus) and a Photo ID, plus a check or money order for $60 made out to American Mensa. (but under no circumstances do we accept bills of over $20 denomination - exact change greatly desired!) We supply the pencils and erasers! Please be there by the time noted above - we start the tests promptly.

Exam results will be emailed to candidates two to three weeks after the exam, and will only indicate if one has qualified for Mensa or not. Those qualified to join Mensa will also be sent an invitation to join, or some will be sent an invitation to come take other Exams. Not passing the Mensa Exam does not mean that you're not qualified for Mensa; only that you didn't qualify on this exam. Private psychologists (or colleges etc) may also test a candidate and qualify him or her for Mensa, and provide you with your scores. Mensa accepts over 200 standardized exam results. Mensa now also offers testing on the Culture-Fair exam for those who did not qualify on the standard exams; an additional $60 payment is needed for the second testing session. Specific exams may not be retaken. Starting in January 2011, Mensa provided the raw scores on the exams you take, however we do NOT provide any conversion to IQ.

Some of the exam items are fairly small print - if you need corrective lenses, please come prepared. Also, the Pasadena room tends to be cool, so a sweater or light jacket may be good to have along as well.  At Caltech, there is a set of vending machines just down the hall with sandwiches and drinks... If you need to bring water or a snack, please do so. (There is a small student snack/coffee shop across campus that opens 11 AM).

**** If you reserve a testing spot, please make every effort to be there so that others aren't left waiting. If you can't make it, please email me as soon as possible so another candidate may be called!

Thanks, and we'll be looking forward to seeing you!

Desiree Elliott,
Mensa Testing Coordinator

Interested in other Qualifying Scores? See: http://www.us.mensa.org/join/testscores/qualifyingscores/

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

LA Area Mensa Proctors: NO CALLS AFTER 8:00 PM PLEASE!

(Alternate Proctors are not currently scheduling regular testing sessions.)

Candidates may be tested by any proctor, anywhere in the US.

On the email addresses below, replace the -at- with @

Pasadena: Proctor Desiree Elliot, email dezlaw-at-aol.com - Phone 626-329-3979

Pasadena: Dave Felt, 626-355-8825 (message) or feltdd at verizon.net  

San Fernando Valley, Douglas Aberg, 661-916-3015, dougaberg-at-gmail.com

West LA: Raulette Woods, : 310-820-0529 (messages only) cell, mensa.wla at gmail.com (Most tests are in Pasadena...)

Neighboring Chapters: If you are in these Proctors' areas, please call them to inquire about testing sessions.

Corona: Lee Hansen, (951) 735-3361, vilee-at-juno.com

Harbor Area (Long Beach): Julia Meyer, (562) 423-2289, memjam at worldnet.att.net 

Hemet: (951) 659-6193, millesmiles-at-yahoo.com

Palm Springs: (760) 770-3823, kg6tbd-at-yahoo.com

Santa Barbara: Saundra King, sking-at-kingventures.net

San Bernardino: Alice Tryon, (909) 877-2808, atryon-at-msn.com

San Bernardino-Riverside: Lee Hansen, (909) 735-3361, vilee-at-juno.com

San Diego: (Oceanside) Nancy Chadwick, (760) 945-5365 nancychadwick-at-cox.net

Orange County: Angie Mattson (714) 974-0847 proctor-at-ocmensa.org - www.ocmensa.org

Ventura: Kathleen O'Donnell, (805) 659-1319,  katy5o-at-aol.com

Victorville: J. McClintock, (760) 244-0316, jmcclintock-at-charter.net


No Mensa connection, but want to take an online test for fun? See http://www.iqtest.com  or  http://www.emode.com/tests/uiq/

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